I finally took the plunge to upgrade to 3.6 on my K2000 after a few months because of the new features I had heard about but since the upgrade, I am having tremendous difficulties with my previously created images and their tasks. It really seems like none of the tasks I had before are working any longer. I removed all of my tasks and just created a simple preinstallation partition task which fails every time and I can't seem to determine why. The K2000 really doesn't provide me with any helpful troubleshooting information (or I just don't know where to look for it). The only information it gives me is "Return Code 2147942487" and "Error description: Unknown error"

Any help would be great or if there is another location I can look for some debugging logs as well. Thank you

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Hi Corey-

Thanks for your assistance. I installed the K2 Advisor and ran it against my image setup, but it only came back saying no task suggestions at this time. As for background..when running the K2000 3.5, we had our image coupled along with two preinstallation tasks and one mid-task, described below.

Pre-installation task

Windows 7 - Create two partitions

select volume 0

remove all noerr

select disk 0


create partition primary size=100

assign letter="D"


create partition primary size=143360

assign letter="C"



The second pre-installation task was

Windows 7 - Format Disks

format /q /y /fs:ntfs /v:Windows C:

bootsect.exe /NT60 C:

format /q /y /fs:ntfs /v:System D:

bootsect.exe /NT60 D:


We then had a mid-level task called

Windows 7 - Two Partition BCD Fix

bcdedit /store D:\boot\bcd /set {bootmgr} device partition=D:

bcdedit /store D:\boot\bcd /set {default} device partition=C:

bcdedit /store D:\boot\bcd /set {default} OSdevice partition=C:


This whole ensemble worked fine when imaging on v3.5. After the 3.6 upgrade, nothing seemed to work right. My understanding is that 3.6 probably handles a lot of these tasks natively so they may not be needed anymore but even after stripping them out, it still fails with the generic errors listed in the original message.

Hopefully, this will come out in a readable format. Thanks for your assistance and time!

Answered 04/19/2014 by: dtobias_keenan
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Please give eamples of what you are running so we can help troubleshoot.


Also, please run K2 Advisor to see if it gives you any hints.




Lead T3 Enterprise Solutions Consultant, K2000

Answered 04/19/2014 by: cserrins
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Hi Corey-

You can belay further troubleshooting this issue. I just found out that someone had pulled the standard 256GB hard drive in the test model I was using and replaced it with an 80GB drive instead. My partition call to create a single 142GB partition was failing each time because of the swapped out 80GB drive. Found a different system and it worked without issue. Thank you for your time!

Answered 04/20/2014 by: dtobias_keenan
Second Degree Green Belt

  • It would be nice if instead of "Error description: unknown error" it said something like "Error description: partition size larger than physical media." *wishful thinking
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