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Some where in the depths of this site is my partition script I wrote to dynamically determine the partition layout, preserve the OEM partition if it exsists and create a single new partiton to install XP or Windows 7(w/o recovery part).

It is a batch script which calls txt files with diskpart commands inside and uses the error codes to determine if partitions exsist and how to handle them.

The batch script and txt files are zipped and called with a command line of:

call partitionsetup-1part.bat 

From what I can tell this isn't working in the slightest. Help much appreciated.

Answer Summary:
call partitionsetup-1part.bat in and an application type task, needs to become: cmd /c partitionsetup-1part.bat
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  • I've tried removing the "call" from the task with no success
  • So I imagine it is a pre-installation task "application type"
    Have you tried to use cmd /cpartitionsetup-1part.bat ?
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As StockTrader suggested in his comment, you may want to try:

cmd /c partitionsetup-1part.bat

Also, here's an overview of changes that need to be made to post install tasks to work with the new Task Engine:


The other thing you may want to look at is creating a new pre-install DISKPART task, instead of using a Batch file.

Answered 04/24/2014 by: BHC-Austin
Fourth Degree Black Belt

  • yeah I had read that article but it didn't mention the cmd /c. That was the fix. I have recommend to support that they add "cmd /c" to their kb article
    • you don’t need "cmd /c" all you need is the name of the .bat file,
      It is strange that you report it doesn’t work this way as I have yet to see it fail in this manner.

      Lead T3 Enterprise Solutions Consultant, K2000
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