This last summer I made a first attempt at using a customized base Win7 wim, with hardly any apps installed, as the deployed OS, and then postinstallation tasks to handle each application. This works (more or less) great at our main site, and I use K2 extenders to image of our 5ish remote sites. 

What I found is that I have some postinstallation tasks that don't actually receive all their dependencies during the sync process. And so, when I run the Scripted Install at the site, it will fail to install these apps.

I worked with Kace support and was not able to repair the particular postinstall tasks, but figured out a workaround which was to copy the task, and then swap out this copy for the broken original. At this point the sync would be correct, (all dependencies received) and so the SI was all good.


I have recently uncovered two more tasks that have failed in a similar way. This seems to be a very persistant, and very annoying issue. I am curious if anybody else has seen similar behavior, or if I just have some cursed or otherwise borked software/hardware somewhere. 0_o



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  • I know this is an old post but I am having the same issue. RSA not syncing all the app files to the $OEM$ folder on the samba share. Any solution on this. ESXI host here.
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What os are your RSA's running on?

Answered 09/21/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • OS X and VMWare Fusion
  • I believe the default limit for open files on the Mac is 256, you may be running into that when syncing. There is also a connection limit for older os's. You may need to install os x server to get around your bugs.
  • Sorry, yeah it is actually running on OS X Server (macmini)
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