Tried to manually apply the bin file last night, the console scrolled through each step fine until it got to the pxelinux step.  It just hung there, I left it going overnight and came back this morning and it was still there.  Rebooted and tried again, same thing.  Now the K2 says it's still 3.4 but the offboard storage feature is there.

Anyone else have issues with this update?

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I am getting ready to do same.....do you have RSA's as well?

Answered 03/12/2013 by: gargone
Second Degree Brown Belt

  • Yes about 80 of them.
  • Have u opened a ticket with support yet?
  • Yep still waiting...
  • I noticed in the release notes there are no instructions for the RSA's except that "it must be upgraded" I am assuming that means deploying the .ovf again? What about the config data will it need to be reconfig'ed? Syncing won't be a big deal...I assume.
    • When we updated from 3.3 to 3.4 we just needed to tell each RSA to update itself, and it did. I would hate to have to redeploy .ovf's to all 80.
  • I only have 2.....and would still hate to deploy them......80......suicide ;)
  • Other people here said the upgrade to 3.5 went fine, I will update this when I hear from support.
  • Thanx. I'll be checking back.
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Just an update, although support took all day to get back with me and only asked me very generic questions...nothing is fixed yet.  However, I didn't find anywhere in the documentation that 3.5 takes away the ability to capture images to the RSA.  It definitely does though, just so everyone else is aware.  I will have to work something out with the KBE Manipulator to address this since we depend on that feature heavily.

Answered 03/12/2013 by: nheyne
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  • Doing mine now.
  • flawless.....reporting fine RSA's updated no sweat. 40 min's.
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Not sure if anyone is interested, but support was able to help me finish the update today.  They claim that the ability to capture WIM images directly to the RSA was an unintended bug and not a feature, so they won't be restoring that capability.  However, if you look at the source html of the imaging page, there is very clearly a section that is coded to look for a dummy file, and if it exists to disable the capture ability.  Simply deleting the file (which you can't do in the peinst directory) would restore the capability.  I am looking into a way around that.

Answered 03/13/2013 by: nheyne
Red Belt

  • If you are familiar with ImageX you could run it manually from C:\Windows\System32 by going to the Command Prompt in the recovery tools. Can make a WIM with this, but would still need the templates from the KNIT to make it deploy back down. Just a thought.
    • That's actually exactly what I ended up doing for now, with the help of support I copied the GimageX tool to each RSA and have a batch file that they helped me create to launch it. We will have to do this for capturing for the time being, until I can figure out another option. It is more than enough to get by, however.
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