This is completely stumping everyone at KACE support for the past 3 days, and I can't spend any more time on this....so I'm hoping someone here has ideas.

We have 2 physical boxes (K1 & K2), and are migrating to virtual appliances. I installed ESXi 5.5 Update 2 on a server we have sitting around. I was told I needed to be on the same exact version as the physical box in order to import my database and restore the backups. So I updated the physical box to the latest version, then exported the backup. I then proceeded to deploy the VM OVF template that Dell provides, and update the box to the latest version. However, the update just hangs and never finishes. If I hit enter a few times after I know it's hung, it will proceed to the login page again, where I can enter 'konfig' and it will j ust say "cannot connect to remote host', then kick me out to the login screen again.

Support can't figure this out - they've had me re-deploy the OVF template multiple times, and each time it's the same thing. 

Steps we've taken to troubleshoot:
  1. Re-download OVF template.
  2. Manually update box via KBIN file. 
  3. Re-download KBIN file to make sure the first one wasn't corrupt.
  4. Do built in update via KBOX Web UI

The OVF template I deploy the fresh install as, is 6.4.119927. We are trying to update to SP1 (6.4.120261) so that we can then upgrade to SP2 (6.4.120756). I basically need to install SP1 & SP2 updates, but nothing is working. A higher tiered tech says that some process hung/crashed during the update, and had me dedicated more RAM and vCPUs to it. I have 12GB of RAM and 4 vCPUs dedicated to this K1000 VM, and deleted/re-deployed again last night, and the same problem is occuring.

I'm completely lost here, and I guess tech support is as well. I'm not sure if maybe there is a problem with the OVF template build they have on their site? Anyone else seen this before or have any suggestions?

Thanks :)
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FYI this is resolved. I guess the OVF template that Dell has on their site (6.4.119927) is corrupt in same way. I had a higher tier tech support do another SSH session to a brand new deployed OVF, and found that there is some sort of database corrupt that occurs. I was able to install an earlier 6.3 version and upgrade from there. They are still working on the broken VM on my side to see if they can resolve this so no one else experiences it.
Answered 03/22/2016 by: sfigg
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