Hello , I just upgraded to version 5.4.7 on K1000 and it's righly messed up our service desk. We only launched it a couple of weeks ago into the business, but it has changed some of the views and other options.

1. The date format is now set back to US (American) format ie 01/10/2013 - which is Jan 10th. Before the option would appear as Jan 10th 2013. How can I change this back or to European based date format? (UPDATE: THE DATE GOES TO EUROPEAN FORMAT IF I CHANGE THE ORGANIZATION REGION TO FRANCE,GERMAN ETC BUT IT ALSO CHANGES THE LANGUAGE TOO !!)

2. On the helpdesk tickets categories , the drop down selections would move out horizontially - now they appear vertically. This makes the view all squashed up and confusing looking. How can I change this ?

3. When we first log into the service desk - it is showing up a default service desk view (even though we only have 1) and it gives up views that we don't want to see. I've selected the which is the defauly queue in the setting ,but it didn't make any difference.

4. I've applied the hotfix I got from Kace support - but this hasn't fix anything


Also , I've just noticed that it has removed all our company logos from the splash screens etc

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I have had the same issue as 2 and 3.  I have called techsupport but was not told about a SP.  The issue of the categories seems to be annoying others, when I called in the tech said they were getting alot of calls on that.

I had to reload custom images too.

I am not so worried about the time format as I am in the US :)

Does your My Computer tab report info?  Mine does not (anymore)

If you havent used the user voice feature I suggest you do so.  They do read it.




Answered 01/10/2013 by: gargone
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The user voice feature ? Where can I find that ?

Good to know that you have the same issue - looks like something in the upgrade so. What is annoying is that the upgrade feature sheet never mentioned anything about these changes.

I'll check the My Computer Report and come back to you.

Here is the link to the hotfix I got (reboot required after you apply it)



Answered 01/11/2013 by: FergieMan
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  • http://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-k1000
  • They sent me the same "hot fix" which did nothing. I now have an open issue for the categories. They did manage to fix the my computer tab. Had to have a lv3 login and fix it.
  • Got the same date format issue, and to make matters worse, it keeps losing the license key every morning!!!
    • I got a response from KACE about the date issue, apparently there's no fix currently, but if we pay a fee for Professional Services they can fix this. I find it totally unacceptable and just plain extortionate by KACE.
  • I spoke with KACE on Friday and as far as the categories stacking instead of being next to each other, I was told that it was done for "BROWSER COMPATIBILITY". Seems funny...it was compatible with all the browsers I use.
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