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 Previously I had heard from Dell Support to upgrade our K1000 via this path: 5.5.90545 > 5.5.90548 > 6.0.x > etc.

I'm at 5.5.90545 now (and agents are at 5.5.30275). 

I see in our K1000 user interface at Settings --> Server Maintenance --> Automatic K1000 Upgrade that "Available upgrade" is listed as 6.0.101863.

Maybe (probably!) I'm being too cautious, but can I skip 5.5.90548 as earlier recommended, and take what the K1000 appears to have already downloaded for me? Can I go straight to 6.0.x? Thank you!

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I would update to 90548 first.  There is also a consolidated patch after 90548 as well.  (90549).  I believe that 6.0 contains those fixes but thats just my cautious nature.
Answered 08/11/2015 by: WhitzEnd
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  • Thanks for your reply! Do you (or anyone else reading) recommend using the consolidated 5.5 hotfix found here?

  • I like caution myself! What I hadn't realized/needed clarifying is that it appears one can no longer access separate patches for 90548 and 90549, and the only "5.5 patch" is a kbin called k1_5_5_consolidated_security_performance_20140416.
  • And, here is what support said to me, verbatim:

    "Your appliance must be at 5.5.90548 before upgrading to 6.0.
    To Download the K1000 5.5 Cumulative Security Hotfix 90548: https://support.software.dell.com/download-install-detail/6057216?prodjid=1-DCAQNA

    Follow steps to download and upgrade Dell KACE K1000 Appliance Software to version 6.0 Requirements (124573)
    # https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb/124573"

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I would just consult support and do whatever they suggest...
Answered 08/11/2015 by: jegolf
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  • Yup, I ended up doing that. See above for what they replied.

    So, even if my K1000 server thinks it has 6.0 ready for me, I will patch up through 5.5 consolidated hotfix first! :) Thanks.