Hello all,

I am having an issue with the K1000 Patch Schedualing.  When I schedual patches (Java, Flash, Quicktime) to happen early in the morning they come back as completed but nothing was patched.  When I click "run now" the patching works fine and everything is correctly patched.  I am running software version:


This just started happening to us about a week ago, I checked and all the current patches are downloaded to our box.  any ideas on what to look for or what could be causing this issue?


Thank you in advance!

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  • Is there a reason not to update to 5.4? 5.5 will be released soon. It could correct some of these issues. I know there are significant changes to patching in 5.4.
  • We just have not yet, I am planning to as soon as we get the latest agent on all of our workstations.
  • I suggest going to 5.4 at a minimum. Are you seeing errors or failures on the machines being patched?
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