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I'm trying out patching on our K1000 - Initially trying to get patches going against Firefox ESR 24.3.  I've added Firefox ESR to the patch downloads, and I see "Mozilla Firefox ESR (en-us) 24.5 for Windows (Update) (See Notes)" as an activated patch in the patch listings...

However, when I run a detect only job against one of my nodes that has Firefox ESR 24.3 installed I get the following:
Patched: 0, Not Patched: 0, Detect Failures: 0 , Deploy Failures: 0

I noticed that the inventory record for the node I'm running the detect job on reports Firefox without the ESR portion in its name: "Mozilla Firefox 24.3.0 (x86 en-US) (24.3.0)" (but it's definitely Firefox ESR 24.3, I checked directly in help->about in firefox)

Any ideas? Is there a way to look directly at a patch to see what it's looking for when it detects? Logs somewhere?

Thanks in advance :) 

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