I have a K1000 and K2000 I have been setting up at our company.  This is my first time being on the configuration side of a management system but with the jumpstart training videos I got through my co-workers it's been a bit of fun actually.  I should point out that ew've had this system for over a year now, whereas I've been with the company about 3 months.  The system has never been fully setup and used in production, which is why I've taken the reigns on it.  I am working with the K1000 primarily and I have a hopefully simple question about patching.  What automatic trigger causes a patch to switch it's status from active?


Curently there are no active patches on our K1000.  I was testing last week and I setup a basic critical os patch smart filter, and then ran a detect and a separate deploy job on a test machine.  The machine successfully patched itself with windows patches (forced autologon through registry and disabled sleep mode through power options).  I hae scoured the internet for information on this simple topic and I've downloaded the patching and security guide for 5.5 and have been reading through it but I cannot find a definitive answer as to why none of them are active.


I should also point out that every patch has a disabled status now.  Currently I am the only one who interacts with the KACE appliances here.  Basically I want to know what triggers a patch status change, and since they are all disabled currently, is there a way to reset their status other than manually changing them.  Thank you for your help-


~Elliott Ray~

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  • What are your patch download options?
  • I've made a little headway, I'll go into details just in case anyone else is having similar issues.

    I have it set up for a nightly download at 3:12 with no blackout time. My subscription settings have all the Windows Server operating systems selected, as well as XP and Windows 7. I have English selected as the only language. For Patch Subscription I have the following checked:
    Security Patches
    Display disabled patches on patch listing
    Detect disabled patches
    Activate New Patches
    Inactivate Superseded Patched

    I did have a smart label selected in the "Download patches from selected labels" to look for adobe updates, but I removed that yesterday and this morning I see that I have about 2000 active patches. I guess another question I have is am I right in thinking that the label I had selected restricted the patch download to only that label, hence no downloads since my adobe label would not have any OS security patches in it?

    If that is so, then another question I have is would having that label and getting no results deactivate all the patches I already had downloaded? Thanks again for all the help.

    ~Elliott Ray~
    • I think that the patches to download are inclusive so you could list your Adobe label and then also create a label for OS security patches and they will then both download.
  • I'm going to give that a try, although I'm going to limit the OS label to Windows 7 and see what it does to my XP and Server patches. I'll assign both labels to the "download patches from selected labels" field and see what happens. I'll post my results after the nightly patch download.

    ~Elliott Ray~
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