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I have my help desk configured and have tested the email and it is working. When a user sends an email to our support email there is a rule in exchange to forward it to KACE but it never gets forwarded. what am i doing wrong?
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  • Are you performing an actual forward or a bounce? If it is a forward then it will appear to come from your helpdesk@your.org and depending on your queue configuration that user might not be able to submit tickets. It should be a bounce or redirect so it comes from the original sender.
  • It is doing a redirect, i don't have the option to do a bounce in my exchange environment. In the queue config on the k1000 i have selected the check box to "accept email from all unknown users"
    • and the checkbox "Allow all users as submitters" has been checked as well
    • Do you know that the redirect is working? Like if you change the config to send to your email, do you receive it successfully?

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