I created a priority value called "outstanding issues".  Any "low" priority value tickets will change to "outstanding issues" if we do not resolve it within 24hours.  I need a create a rule that will email me all the outstanding issues tickets in an email every morning.  I tried to use the SQL wizard but it is not achieving the results I want.
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  • Are you looking for a rule that will change the status and email you with a list of which tickets were changed?
  • I would just like an email report rule that will send a list of Open tickets along with some tokens such as Ticket#, submitter, and the subject. Every morning we send out a list of Open/Outstanding issues so if we could just create a reporting rule for us, that would be great.
  • So you're trying to schedule a report to be emailed every morning? Have you used the report wizard to get something close to what you want? If so, post the code and what the report is missing and we can take a look.
  • Thanks. I was able to copy the code out of one of the builtin service desk reports and reconfigure it as a rule to email me what I wanted it to do.
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