I'm starting to use our K1000, and I'm trying to get patches setup and deployed. Under Subscriptions, "Activate New Packages" was not checked previously. I appear to have the patches downloaded, but all patches are marked Disabled.

If I go into the patches, and filter to see disabled patches, i can see the patches. However, if I try to set them to active, I get the error "Status not changed as one or more patch selected is in disabled state", even if I only choose one recent package.


What am I missing?
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  • Are you using patching labels? If so, then that's why the patches are disabled and may not be able to be set back to active since it's not being detected as included in one of those labels you're using.
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Have you applied any labels under Subscriptions (at the bottom under Advanced Option)? If you have and that patch is not covered by any of the labels then it won't activate.
Answered 05/19/2016 by: tekCTRL
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I think it did have something to do with subscription patch labels. I deleted those, and a couple other things before the next scheduled detect, and it finally kicked in and we are up and patching now.
Answered 05/19/2016 by: isomark
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Under Security-Subscriptions there is a check box "Detect Disabled Patches" I do not have it checked. The description for that says:

"Identify disabled patches when a Detect job is run. If this option is selected, the signatures for disabled patches are downloaded for detection purposes only. Patches cannot be deployed unless they meet the subscription criteria."

I am guessing yours is checked. I can only make my patches Active or Inactive so I can't test anything to replicate your problem. My advice would be to take a close look at your patch subscriptions and determine if you need those downloaded or not.
Answered 05/13/2016 by: rockhead44
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