Anyone found a workaround for Office365 and the K1000?  It's two years since I saw a previous question and in that two years little seems to be fixed.  We are having major issues with getting emailing to work properly with Office365...the so  called Charlie Root emails never come, for example.

Who has had success with K1000 and Office365 Email?

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  • Are you not getting any emails? We use O365 and haven't had any problems.
  • We can get some emails... the ticket emails, etc. seem to be working. We aren't getting the Root emails... which the KACE helpdesk made out to be END OF THE WORLD scenario.
  • Let me check how we set up the root emails (been awhile, don't remember off the top of my head)
  • We initially had issues with Office365 but once we put in a mail relay it work fine. We use a simple IIS service with anonymous access
  • I've been fighting this issue since we got the KBOX.
    the service desk works fine (separate configuration where you can actually change the 'from' address.)
    The root@kbox-hostname and reporter@kbox-hostname cannot be changed.

    I'm working with a Debian box running postfix attempting to get those to rewrite the 'from' address to an address that is valid in our Office365 installation.
    so far, I've had no luck.

    I'll be happy to share my config files if anyone else would like to work with it.
  • We resolved this by putting in a Connector in Office365.
    Basically, it blindly allows things sent form our IP address (static) to send emails via office365.
    now all emails from the kbox show up just as they were intended.
    Boss did the connector setup, though she said it was a straight walk-through for getting it working.
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I'm having this same issue.  My theory:
1) o365 Domains, configure k1000.domain.com as a domain (actually subdomain)
2) Create incloud user root@k1000.domain.com
3) Allow send-as permissions on root@k1000.domain.com to smtprelay@domain.com
4)Profits Success!
Answered 08/07/2016 by: czj624
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I think we finally got all our email notifications working with Office365. We do have a relay set up but I'm not using it on the kbox. We set up 2 mailboxes. One for the "system" email - Settings > Control Panel > Network Settings > Email Configuration. Then a separate one for the service desk queue. For the patch download emails I had to give our "system" email account Send As permissions on the Administrator email account - Settings > Control Panel > General Settings > Appliance Administrator Email. The "system" email account sends that message out as the appliance administrator email account. Had to dig back on some old patch notifications to find out it was being sent from me to me.
Answered 03/21/2015 by: jegolf
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