We seem to be having an issue where none of our agents are syncing anymore. We can see the machines are online through the red/green icons. We have tried reinstalling the agents, but any new installs do not show up on KACE. We are currently using v5.5.90545 on the appliance. Has anyone had this issue or know a way to go about fixing it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • We ugraded to v5.5.90547 and have the same issue. But also I cannot get the box to install the current agent files it is stuck at 5.5.30275 even though I uploaded 5.5.30276
  • I have the same isse with 5.5.90545, Including the device willnot update the installed agent 5.5.30276 it is stuck at 5.5.30275.
  • The agent number does not update. Please see this: http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/solutiondetail?sol=SOL120451

    Basically saying that:

    Only the Agent bundle has the version number 5.5.30276, the actual agent is still 5.5.30275 since no code changes were made to the actual agent.

    If it’s already been installed it’s not going to deploy the same version again and Auto Updates is not going to show a new version.

    Both the Home Summary page and the Auto Update from KACE will still report a new bundle is available 5.5.30276 after applying the bundle kbin and can be safely ignored.

    See related article https://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/solutiondetail?sol=SOL119377 for more information about this agent.
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Since the AMP-Connection is green, but the agents are no more checking in, I have a really bad feeling...

Is your box avaible to the internet?

check under kbox/munin/ for the ressources. Are there free memory and cpu ressources?

Check under Settings->Support->AMP queue if there are unusual many entries.

Check under Troubleshooting Tools->top if there is a service which is consuming much ressources (possibly a service with a high nice value)

Check also netstat for unusual connections (esp. outside of your network)

If you see any unusual there, open a support ticket and have a validated backup handy!

What you described (amp is connected, but check in does not work) is one of the typical signs for a compromised KACE. 

Further informations: http://www.kace.com/support/resources/news/dell-response-to-k1000-vulnerability-report (the big red alert message in the news section)

Answered 03/26/2014 by: Nico_K
Red Belt

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We have had something similiar with new agents not synching.  On the machines themselves, please run the following commands:

cd c:\program files\dell\kace

amptools get


This should list the host, ports, and all other information that the clients have for your k1000.  Check this against one of the machine that is showing up in your K1000.  In our case, the host was not picking up correctly or being overwritten with the default.  We used:

amptools set host=YOURKBOXHERE

to fix this issue.  If all the data is the same, then the only other thing that I can think of is, do you have any filters set (only show label:xyz) and new machines have no labels?


Answered 03/24/2014 by: Beetschen
Senior White Belt

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Using the the results of amptool get looks correct, although there really isn't anything to compare to as all agents arn't syncing. No filters are set.

Answered 03/25/2014 by: pregiec
Senior Purple Belt

  • Thank you for checking the amptool get. From one of the clients can you try to ping the host? If you are not getting a reply, then they would be unable to synch.

    The other thing to try would be on the k1000 go to Settings->k1000 agent->agent updates from KACE->and make sure enabled and update broken agents is chosen. Deploy to all machines may be the best case in this situation.

    Have you tried a forced update on selected items that are showing up with the green icon?
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