I noticed this within the release notes of 6.4

"Email processing: All users in the To and Cc fields of email messages sent to the Service Desk are now automatically added to the Cc list of tickets. This helps to ensure that stakeholders receive notifications when tickets are updated. "

This, however, does not seem to be working. Is this working for anyone else? Fi not, does anyone know a way to get the actual email addresses in to the To and CC fields to populate the CC list in the actual ticket?

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  • I asked this same question a few months ago. The setting is configurable and defaults to off. The inclusion of "automatically" in the release notes makes it sound as though this is just something that Service Desk does without configuring. I just had to search for my old post because I couldn't find it from memory. The setting is also not in any individual queue, which is where I expected to find it.

    Anyway. It's under: Service Desk, Configuration, Settings.
  • Awesome! This worked, thanks. The funny part is that I contacted K1000 support team and they seemed rather clueless why this didn't work and said the feature doesn't currently work.
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