Hi, could someone help me to fix this problem?
If I try to execute a bulk Windows agent provisioning using a ip addresses range, the job fails with "Ports not accessible" error on every address of that range.
If I try to run the same provisioning job using only a single ip address, it ends successfully (and I tried using several ip addresses).

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Edit - July 3rd - Screenshot

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  • can you include a screen shot?
  • Sometimes this can be down to dhcp, can your clients resolve the name of your k1
  • maybe a network issue, can be caused by too many facts.
    How about installing agent via GPO using the GPO provisioning tool?
  • Hi everyone, thanks for your answers.
    Unluckily GPO provisioning is not a viable solution in this scenario, I'm forced to use network-based provisioning. I included a snapshot (detail of one computer in a failed provisioning job) in the original question.

    DNS shouldn't be an issue, because a single provisioning succeeds.

    This K1000 resides in my customer's HQ, while clients are located in several branch offices, connected through MPLS-based MANs.
  • it always fails..try to do bulk installation using PDQ deploy software
    • Hi, do you mean you have the same issue?
  • Kace Bulk agent provisioning is not succeeding and mostly it will fails but when i tried using local credentials it succeded , i have tried almost 40 times only once it succeeded ..best option is to deploy using GPO using Kace GPO tool
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