I have a growing list of issues with 5.4 SP1 I would like to share with the group.  I also wanted to see if anyone has experience with these issues and wishes to share their experience.



Owners only comments are now only sent via email to the assigned ticket owner.  These comments are no longer emailed to the "ticket owners" listed in Category CC or ticket CC.



We Can no longer append a KB article into the ticket comments.  You can search and select the article but it does not populate into the ticket when selected.  Tested with IE, Firefox, safari, chrome, etc…


In the ticket comment section when typing \r or \n it acts as a return. This is the original issue reported after upgrading to 5.4 support recommended upgrading to 5.4 SP1 before troubleshooting.



You type:

KACE displays:

We have 3 queues in our service desk, when a user (ticket owners) log in they see all queues rather than their default queue. This changed after our last upgrade to 5.4.76847. I read in the SP1 release notes that a default queue can be setup using a label but I have not been able to find any supporting documentation.


I'll update as I work through these issues but support has been slow going...

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  • Just learned about two more bugs that are fairly debilitating to us considering we are a mostly MAC environment.

    1. Bug number "Agent-3580" ,It appears the Managed Installs aren't
    unzipping the package before the install process is running. As a
    workaround , you use the following command in the Configure Manually
    prompt: sudo unzip ./<zipfile> && <install command>. The issue will be
    addressed in the K1000 5.5 Server Update.

    2. Bug number "Agent-3635", Selecting "Delete Downloaded Files" on MACs
    doesn't delete files when MI completes. There is not a work around at this
    time, the issue will be addressed in the K1000 5.5 Server Update.

    Just wanted to share the information.
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The problem with type \t \r, $hello, ext. is logged as a bug, and will be resolved in 5.5. 

but #: K1-12430

Answered 03/22/2013 by: brucegoose03
Third Degree Black Belt

  • Just a heads up, most of the issues mentioned above have been fixed in Version 5.5 GA however for us is slowed down our service desk tremendously. every time you go into the ticket queue it takes 4 - 6 seconds to load. also the \ backslash issue is fixed in the ticket comment section but still does not go out correctly in an email.
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I can confirm the inability to insert a KB article into ticket comments and support verified they are aware of the issue.

The \r - \n (escape characters) issue is probably due to KACE making changes so these actually get processed correctly (which wasn't being done before - I know, as I pointed this out back in 5.2 and asked them to correct). 

You might try using an extra "\"  before any "\r" and "\n" to see if this resolves the issue, i.e.:



Answered 03/13/2013 by: jverbosk
Red Belt

  • And on that KB article issue, I just got word from support that they have a patch to fix it.

  • That is correct John!
    I will write up a kace news feed article:

    Outlining this.
    for now, here is the link to the patch:
    You will need support.kace.com credentials to download this.
    You will also need to be on server version 5.4 SP1 (5.4.76847)
    No reboot is required to run this patch.
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I had found another bug, this is related with the reports filters, when using report wizard filter by "Lable Name" is not an option any more.

We use that alot... I hope that they have a fix for that soon.


Answered 03/13/2013 by: horacior
Third Degree Blue Belt

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Correct, I got word this morning and applied the patch to fix the KB comments issue and it has been resolved

In addition to my initial characters Typing \f or \n or \r or \t or \v or \$ will all result in carriage return.  correct again... the double \\ will cancnel that out.  KACE support is actively working on this as well.

I escalated my owners only issue as this one has a huge impact on our workflow. This is now being worked on as well.

Answered 03/13/2013 by: giraffehunter
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Anyone else have issues with PATCHING since installing SP1? Our regularly scheduled windows patching job decided to install Citrix Online plug-in for Windows 12.0 and Safari for Windows on machines that did not previously have this software. Created quite a mess for us that we are still resolving. Have a ticket open with KACE support since Thursday, but they have yet to provide me with an explanation as to what caused this -- and how I can be assured it won't occur again.  

For those that are curious,  "Include Software Installers" is NOT checked under "patch Subscriptions" (my first suspicion).  I did find something that may be a clue to why the Citrix client installed at least. When I look at the Patch Detail for this patch,  I see "Supersedes: Apple iTunes 10.6 for Windows".  


Answered 03/25/2013 by: etipton
Second Degree Green Belt

  • Is the Citrix plugin, or iTunes included in your patch label?
  • Yes, both are....since we DO want them patched on systems they are installed on. We haven't changed anything on our end that would indicate to install them on ALL systems.
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Did anyone get a fix or update on the "owners only" comments issue mentioned above? I have a ticket open for the KB issue and am patiently awating the patch. Seems to me that since these are now known issues...the Release notes should be updated and/or it should be easier to get the patch...

Answered 03/18/2013 by: etipton
Second Degree Green Belt

  • The owner's only issue has a work around. In the queue configuration under Email on Events they asked us to check off "Any Change" in the ticket CC and category CC list.

    The problem is we use ticket CC for managers and directors and they have demanded less ticket update spam so we are unable to utilize this work around.

    FYI There is a patch for the KB issue and it works.
  • UPDATE: Owners Only CC issue

    The Owners only comment issue has been resolved by KACE support. It required a tech to tether our K1000 and revert the email portion of our update back to the previous version. No K1000 reboot required.
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We ran our upgrade yesterday and have found a few issues. 

1.  The default queue on the user is updating to All Queues when we run our nightly import which is making this impossible to use for the purpose it's intended. 

2. We use some of the custom fields in HD_TICKET and on the existing tickets we had prior to the update some of the tickets are not displaying the information.  If we change it, it updates but the display shows nothing.  When we look at the record in the database, the field has actual data in it

3.  The nightly backup last night failed which I've found an article stating running manual backup will resolve it.  They should have put that in the release notes as well.  We could have run the backup yesterday while everyone was off the system.  Now I have to wait until late tonight to manually run a backup. 

4. Our reports that are generated on demand or scheduled are not formatted correctly any longer.

5. Two of our customized rules disappeared but were still working.  Not sure how that happened but fortunately prior to the upgrade we had documented the sql code so I was able to put them back out there.

I've got a ticket opened with Kace regarding most of these issues; however, the only thing I've received back from them is "What version are you running".  (I think starting out with "We upgraded the system to 5.4 SP1 yesterday and................" should have told them.  )

Now that I've found this, I will need to check attachments and owner's only comment.

I do have to say, the display of the ticket layout is much nicer and we had a bug in the emails for $tick_history that showed all the code with the comments and it seems to be resolved so may be able to disable our rule and let the system handle the closing email but that will be determined at a later date once we can test everything.

Answered 03/18/2013 by: MAHull
Orange Belt

  • 1. I'm still waiting on a fix for this as well.
    4. I'm also not digging the new reporting output are you referring to the Zipped attachments?
  • The CSV format looks good upon receipt. If you try to sort it or do anything with it, the cells expand to hugh white blocks. If I have the report expanded to full screen I see 3-4 records instead of a nice spreadsheet. Really ugly and you can not reset the format. The more you try to work with it the more out of whack it becomes. So far the html format looks normal.

    I've written a rule to run nightly following the imports to set all the user's default queues back to No Default (null) for a work around. I ran a manual backup last night and it seems to have resolved the failure of the backups. Our nighly backup at 3 am did run without any errors.

    I don't know about you but I find ITNinja to have better support than Kace Tech Support. I find more answers and useful information here.
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