Hi all,

Just upgraded to 6.4 SP2, and now none of my agents are able to check in. This is the log I'm seeing universally:

[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] KACE Agent version 6.4.522 Mar 15 2016
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: debug:          false
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: config:         amp.conf
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: host:           kace.eii-online.com
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: lasthost:       
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: serverversion:  
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: appliance:      
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: ampport:        52230
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: ampurl:         
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: webport:        443
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: weburl:         
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: hideapps:       
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: rto:            20
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: wto:            20
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: cto:            10
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: crto:           30
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: max download speed: unlimited
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: KSWMeterSvc max db rows: 5000
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: krash:          false
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: pl:             pluginDesktopAlerts,pluginPatching,pluginRunProcess,pluginWeb
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:ConfigLogAll           ] Config: servercompress: TRUE
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:NimitzAgentProcess     ] Machine ID: C90E2C27-A354-4BCA-A9FE-5D7330FA38D4
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:NimitzAgentProcess     ] Creating Pipe Server...
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:NimitzAgentProcess     ] Creating Agent Listener...
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:NimitzAgentProcess     ] Creating scheduler...
[2016-04-12.12:09:34][AMPAgent:NimitzAgentProcess     ] Creating connection...
[2016-04-12.12:09:35][AMPAgent:LogCurlError           ] SSL is not detected: (7) Failed to connect to kace.eii-online.com port 52230: Connection refused
[2016-04-12.12:09:36][AMPAgent:LogCurlError           ] Failed to connect: (7) Failed to connect to kace.eii-online.com port 52230: Connection refused
[2016-04-12.12:09:36][AMPAgent:SetConnectedMarker     ] couldn't remove C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\AMP_CONNECTED, unlink(No such file or directory)
[2016-04-12.12:09:36][AMPAgent:ReconnectToServer      ] Adding server retry for C90E2C27-A354-4BCA-A9FE-5D7330FA38D4 into queue. Sleeping for 58 seconds

The only thing that was changed was upgrading the KACE server using the .kbin file. Everything was working prior to this. 

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  • Are your clients able to ping the kbox or vice versa? I'd open up a command prompt and see if you can ping and get a response.
    • Yep, they can ping, and they can even hit the URL just fine. No SSL errors or problems. I've gone ahead and reverted back to the previous version - but I'm still extremely perplexed what could've changed.
      • I don't recall seeing any tickets recently that have had inventorying issues. If you'd like, can always have it investigated if you saved the logs and everything. Can create a support ticket to see if we can figure out the issue.
  • I'll submit it up. Thanks Irwin
  • Following my upgrade to SP2, A lot of my 6.4.180 agents continued communicating but would not inventory. I am having to force them to check in to get them updated to 6.4.522. Once they get to 6.4.522 they seem to be inventorying OK.
  • my upgrade went smooth. enabled provisioning and client update and I now have about 75% of my machines up to 6.4.522 both 6.4.180 and 6.4.522 are checking in
    • also my 6.4.179 clients are checking in
  • Check if after the upgrade the SSL certificate is ok. It seems the agents have issues to contact the AMP port 52230/tcp as well.
    Regards - StockTrader -Marco
  • I have upgraded to SP2 with 6.4.180 agent running and all is fine. I started putting 6.4.522 agent on a few machine and they are disappearing from inventory. I reverted them back to 6.4.180 and they are showing back up again. Not to highly impressed with 6.4.522 agent.
  • SP3 is now available; Hopefully it helps with this issue
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