We're using KBE w/ system images for all our deployments.  All system images have been sysprepped and then stored on the KACE.  the deployment goes 100% flawless EXCEPT whenever the machine finished going through the OOBE it shows our domain name under workgroup and we have to manually set it and reboot.  It's not a huge deal but in the interest of time and full automation..... any ideas??  Were using the default script provided by KACE

Side question.  Any way to code/script to get around the OOBE with the time zone and pc name etc etc.

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  • Did you by any chance sysprep your image while it was still joined to your domain? Same exact thing happened to us when we first accidentally did that...
    • If sysprepping the machine doesnt remove domain, then yes. we probably did sysprep and capture image with the machine on the domain, but when deploying said image to a fresh machine the domain isnt transfering over at all. But based off everyone's wonderful replies i need to just recapture the image after sysprepping it and removing it from domain. THANKS!
      • The domain doesn't "transfer" during sysprep, that's just not how it works. You will need to remove your image from the domain prior to sysprepping and capturing.
  • Or if you used the Sysprep Creator tool and told it to Join the domain at that point...
  • I agree with nheyne. Make sure the machine is NOT on the domain when you create your image and be sure to sysprep your machine and use the unattend.xml file to set things like time zones. If you are unfamiliar with sysprep do a google search and you will find heaps of information.
  • Take a look at the post-install task for Renaming a computer. We use it with wsname.exe;
    wsname.exe /N:$ASSETTAG
    This will pull the name from the Asset Tag field in BIOS. If that field is blank though the task will fail. There are lots more options though.
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The command line for the post install join domain task should look like this...
cscript join_domain.vbs domain username password
and should have the file join_domain.vbs attached.

Ex: cscript join_domain.vbs example.com administrator muahaha

For OOBE you're talking about when windows 8.1 boots after sysprep?
Answered 06/08/2015 by: h2opolo25
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