I am trying to push Realplayer 16 out via a batch file (it runs a silent install + deletes various things like the shortcut, adds the reg key to get rid of EULA, etc) through SCCM 2007. For whatever reason, it works fine if I push it to a single machine, but if I push it to a group of machines it gets an error on all of them. I thought the issue may be with the batch file not recognizing UNC or whatever, so I added the %~dp0 variable to point to the proper location and again it works correctly on a single machine but not to a group. All my other patches push out correctly. Any Ideas?

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Are you running from the DP or having it download and run from the SCCM cache?

I suspect you're running from the DP, and the issue may be related to something like an installation log file being created on the DP share.

Multiple machines running this will give some kind of error as they all won't have the access to write to the log when another is also trying to.

If not that it's going to be some other kind of sharing violation I would think - which is why it works for a single machine.

You don't mention what the error is, but that may give some indication of what the exact issue is - check the CcmExec.log on the target machine for errors too.

Either run from the local cache, or find and resolve the possible sharing error.

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Answered 01/17/2013 by: dunnpy
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  • OK, here are some observations after more testing:

    Even if I push this out to a group, if I am logged in to a machine as admin and go to config manager and manually initiate "Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle", "User Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle", and "Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle" it will run properly. If I leave the machine alone it will time out after the allotted runtime. The program is set to run "Whether or not a user is logged in" and "run with admin privileges". When I have experienced a similar issue previously, one of those not being enabled was the case. Beyond that it has the same settings as every other package I push out which all run correctly.

    The program is set to download and run from the Cache, however I tried running them from the DP and the results seem to be the same.
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