HI there,

I have uploaded a Windows 10 ISO file to the k2000 to begin working on a 10 build.

When I go into Library > Source Media, and check the file, it is 0 bytes. What gives?

I mounted the ISO using daemon, and then ran the upload using k2000 Media Manager.


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  • Is this still showing as 0 kb? Does it show that the system is Currently: Idle in the top right hand corner?

    It's possible that the system was still updating itself after the Media Manager finished uploading the file to the K2000.
    • yep, you were right, it was still running the upload. I have checked this morning, and the full ISO is now displayed. (3.75g).
      Thanks for the help.
  • I might access the log file located at \\ikbox\petemp, the ID number that you see for the item with 0B will have a XX.log. This log file should show if its uploading successfully.
  • Ill keep this in mind for any future uploads. Thanks.
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