We are running into licensing problems due to way to many computers on the inventory and we already bought extra licenses heh. Does the Kace have a way to clear out not needed agents or computers anymore? so far the only way i can see is either manually remove the agent or run the agent provisioning and check the remove Kace agent option and either of them dont seem very effective to me, i expected there to be like a Maintanence tab or something to remove this kind of crap but so far i have found nothing.

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How would KACE know that the agent isn't needed anymore? You can configure it to automatically remove machines that are no longer checking in:

Inventory, MIA tab, Choose Action menu, Configure Settings

Check the box and set a number of days.


Answered 10/12/2012 by: chucksteel
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  • agreed, we ran out of license's due to the replacements machines were brought in and no one ever deleted the salvaged machines, setting the MIA solved our problem
  • We don't automatically remove MIA machines because some machines don't check in very often for various reasons. I do have a scheduled report to show me duplicate machines once a week so I can go through and clear these out.
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Is it saying you're running out of "nodes"?

We had that problem as well. If you look in the inventory you can checkmark machines and "Choose Action" -> Delete. This worked for me because we had a bunch of VDI machines that had accidentally gotten created but weren't being used. So I searched for VDI and deleted a whole mess of them. Which cleared up my issue.

The best part is that even if you delete something someone is using, it'll simply recreate it the next time that person checks in, so it's not like it's gone forever when delete it. Though if no one checks in, or it's sitting powered off in a closet somewhere obviously it won't checkin and tell you the inventory anymore.

Answered 10/12/2012 by: samzeeco
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Just deleting out of inventory doesnt work it just comes back when the agent checks back into the kbox.  As far as the MIA settings go the problem with that is there isnt enough depth to what is getting deleted, we have loner computers and VMs and laptops etc that are not always on but tracked via kace and setting the MIA would just delete those.

Answered 10/12/2012 by: aaronb09
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  • sorry, sounds like you need to buy more license's if you want to keep track of all of the machines and vm's, We have 170 laptops that only check in about 4 times a year but we need to keep licenses on them, so we can track them. The only other thing you can do on these is create them as an asset and remove the client, to be able to count/track them but you cannot do anything with them but track.
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I just made a powershell script that queries Kace for computers that havent communicated for over 30days. Then the script takes those computers and disables them in AD, changes the description and moves them to the disabled computers group. I have MIA set to delete the computers on the 31st day. 

This way, I can keep the inventory clean and if there is a computer that is still operational but the agent isn't communicating for some reason, I know that the user will come to us with the trust relationship issue and we'll re-enable and reinstall the kace agent. 
Answered 06/27/2014 by: RealityHook
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Are the machines you are wishing to delete are active?  If so the MIA function will not work if the machines have an active agent?

To resolve this issue the Agent must be removed from the machine.  There are several ways you can do that.  I recommend un-provisioning the machine.  Once that is down the system will become re-amped and in the days you have set MIA will come into play.

Of course once the agent is deleted, you can delete the machine in Inventory.  It will not appear again with the Agent removed from the machine.

Note:  Do not be alarmed if the machine is in your asset detail.  It remains there as a reference and a node is not counted against it.
Answered 06/29/2014 by: KACE_Mary
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Have you tried to manually remove the agent from unused computers yet? I wouldn't do that with all of them as I don't think that will work. Once a license is in use it is tracked by more than just you.

Answered 10/15/2012 by: JBlackstone
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