I'm finding shortcomings of the scap scan result.  Great, I get an overview of the machines scanned and reports available.  I click on a machine to view the report.  Under the result files, I get a list of "XCCDF Benchmark, CPE Inventory, OVAL Compliance, OVAL patches, and XCCDF Interpreter log."  The bank we sold this device to is asking for scap scan reports for all the servers.  I click on the xccdf-results.xml file to download it, but this is a xml file in its raw form.  Does K1000 have a native report generator using the xml result file?  If not, is there another software I can use to view these xml in a "more human" way?  thanks.

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  • Did you ever get an answer for this question? I'm looking for a better report to show SCAP scan results to those that do not have time to dig through XML files with me.

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