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I have my K1000 authenticating users against Active Directory. I recently changed my AD password to something very long (99 characters) and can no longer log on to KACE. Is there a maximum character limit? And, if so, what is it?

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It uses LDAP for authentication I believe which has no limit. 
Answered 05/16/2017 by: HISDTechGuy
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  • That's the thing, my logon to the domain and other resources works fine. It fails only with KACE.
    • Have you tried copy/pasting the password? With 99 chars there is a good chance for a typeo
      • Yeah, it is copied out of a password safe.
    • When I try to create a user in KACE it only allows 42 chars
      • Mis-counted, it was 50
      • Ah, thank you! Guess I'll put in a request to have the LDAP authentication be unlimited. Thanks again