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Is Microsoft installing Dropbox in a Windows Update?

02/21/2019 429 views

Has anyone noticed a new Dropbox app magically appearing as an installed app (not an AppX app but an actual app that shows up in the add/remote list) on domain-joined PCs when the "disable consumer content" and "disable cloud content" group policies are turned on for the Windows 10 Enterprise endpoints? Or is it just me?

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I would check your solarwinds to see if it can patch dropbox.  from what I can see googling it has some capabilities to patch it. (Dropbox is one of Kace's options)

Also on a machine with drop box check the registry to see if it was system or user installed.  We have discovered here at TMCC that even if they are not admins they can install dropbox since it gets put in the users profile.

check these keys and search them for dropbox to see if user or system installed

if under the users keys they did it


machine install


We use kace for desktop management so for you it will be different.  But what I did was to run a query that I captured data to the kace machine inventory 

Then I created a report to see who was installing dropbox without IT clearance.

Answered 02/21/2019 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • >Then I created a report to see who was installing dropbox without IT clearance.
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  • Thanks. I went looking and found that the users don't seem to remember interacting with anything like an installer and in fact a couple of them didn't even know what dropbox is used for .... sad but true. So I suspect that it's coming in from WSUS, meaning that it originally had to have come from Microsoft since Solarwinds PM didn't push it out as a patch. I'm not all that worried about it, I'm just finding it more and more irritating every day that I can't control what Microsoft installs on my machines.

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I just searched our WSUS server and I do not find Dropbox mentioned in any update it has.  You are going to need to do some detective work, I do not think it's WSUS, but don't count that out till you check the logs on the server and client. I would go thru the registry to see if it was user or machine and time installed to look for a common source.  Check the workstation logs.