After upgrading to 5.5 I cannot deploy any patches to my agents.  I have tier 3 support at Kace looking at the logs but I just thought of downgrading to 5.4 SP1.  I have backs ups of 5.4 SP (2 db files) but i'm not quite sure how to restore those.  Is it possible to download the 5.4 SP1 kbin file and just install it over 5.5?


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Kace L3 engineers couldn't see anything wrong and i didn't have time to troubleshoot further as we have a patch deployment coming up soon.  I blew away all settings on the k1000 and restored it to defaults and started from scratch because i twas happening with my back ups as well.  Luckily we only have about 300 machines that have the agent and don't use the helpdesk so it wasn't TOO much to reconfigure.  I hope no one else has to do what I did.

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  • I thought I should comment on this, I have the same issue with around half of my machines (8000+) I'm being told it's an issue with my replication machines however I believe it's a bug....
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There were some buggy patches release from Microsoft. Google for the patch number as its talk of the forums now. Either make those patch inactive or wait until updates in Kace list.

Also try seperate patching i.e. First OS only when it finishes then Office....


Answered 09/25/2013 by: haseebiqbal
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  • thanks. Do you have a recommendation for a forum to read about the patches? I'm afraid i've been looking at the wrong places.
  • My experience was, some 1-2 patches where download n loading n deploying, never ends. Was in a loop.

    I used my pc to test first. At one stage had blue screen. After restarted, Offered me to "Windows will Check the cause" then it downloaded whole lot of patches from Microsoft.

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I got some fix for bad patches which then after applying the patch had to download said patches again.  I've been having all sorts of issues with patching not just with 5.5 but 5.4, 5.3, etc.  KACE never patches 100% of my machines.  Says they are patched but when I run MS Update or MBSA they need patches.  

This is my biggest complaint right now that patches are still not patching like they should.

Answered 09/25/2013 by: petelanglois
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  • That is unfortunate, I never had any of these issues till 5.5
    • KACE always said everything was patched but when I started running MBSA and MS Update that is when I started noticing the discrepencies. Try it. I'd be interested in seeing if your machines are fully patched according to KACE and Microsoft.
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If you are on VMware and you took a snapshot prior to upgrading just revert to that instance.  As far as downgrading, I'm not sure.

Answered 09/18/2013 by: petelanglois
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  • Unfortunately we do not have a snapshot of 5.4, the VMDK was getting corrupt some how by Avamar (our back up system)
    • well then you can clone your current instance and then try downgrading. See what happens.
      • man, that's a good idea. Doing so now.
      • eh, we don't have 500GB of space to clone it...
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  • You said you did a backup of the 2 database files, but did you take a system backup? the KBOX_File?? should be something similar to 20130918_kbox_file.tgz (993.45 MB) (date subject to whenever)
    • I have 2 files kbox_file_tgz (65mb) and kbox_dbdata_.gz (2.5GB)
      • Awfully small kbox_file_tgz, then again I'm not on a virtual Kbox.

        But, if I'm to understand it, that is your 'system' backup and the dbdata is your database backup.

        If that TGZ file is prior to 5.5, then it should take you back to whenever that backup was made.
  • please change the title so it is easier to see where your question is about.
    • Thanks.
      I just changed it, hopefully it's better. If not let me know.
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I wouldn't recommend it, but you could try restoring the backup from 5.4, I'd say make sure that you take a 5.5 backup as well.

You could reimage your K1000 to a fresh 5.4 and restore your backup to it.  Support should be able to assist you with that.

Answered 09/18/2013 by: jknox
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  • i'm thinking this is my best option. I ran a detect on an extremely old desktop image we have that is at least 80 patches behind, kace said it had 1 not installed. I am out of town right now but will be back in the office on Friday and think i will do this. Luckily i have a 5.4 back up and a 5.5 back up.

    You can never have too many backs up.
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