Dear all,

I have a software installed on all of my workstations, but it isn't listed/shown/inventoried by Kace K1000.

What are the conditions for an installed software to be listed in the Kace K1000 inventory ?

What I see from one of the workstations :


What I see from the Kace K1000, for this workstation inventory :


Many thanks for all for your help and assistance.

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  • Do you have any other titles with accented characters that show up in the software inventory? If you look in the Inventory, Software page, does it show up there?
  • Dear chucksteel,

    Many thanks for your reply.

    Yes, other installed apps with accented characters are well listed in the K1000 inventory for my workstation.
    So I guess accented characters are not in cause...
  • Is the software being collected inside the Inventory.xml file located in

    For example, I have Filezilla, so I am seeing:
    <README />
    <UNINSTALL_STRING>C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client\uninstall.exe</UNINSTALL_STRING>
    <DISPLAY_NAME>FileZilla Client 3.27.1</DISPLAY_NAME>

  • Dear Channeler,
    The software "GenApi Acte importé pour Téléactes" is not present in the Inventory.xml file.
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