I need to write a report providing the "installed patches via inventory" count for each computer as found on the computer detail screen on the K1000 appliance.  Does anyone have any idea the tables that would need to be included in the query or better yet have the query for this report?   Thanks


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  • Are you currently running any detect schedules?
  • I was able to find the tables that allowed my to create the report I need on the patches displayed in the "Installed patches via inventory" link. Those tables are MACHINE, MACHINE_SOFTWARE_JT, AND SOFTWARE. The query looks like "SELECT `MACHINE1`.`NAME`, `MACHINE1`.`OS_NAME`, `SOFTWARE1`.`DISPLAY_NAME`, `MACHINE1`.`LAST_INVENTORY`, `MACHINE1`.`LAST_REBOOT`, `SOFTWARE1`.`IS_PATCH` FROM (`ORG1`.`MACHINE` `MACHINE1` INNER JOIN `ORG1`.`MACHINE_SOFTWARE_JT` `MACHINE_SOFTWARE_JT1` ON `MACHINE1`.`ID`=`MACHINE_SOFTWARE_JT1`.`MACHINE_ID`) INNER JOIN `ORG1`.`SOFTWARE` `SOFTWARE1` ON `MACHINE_SOFTWARE_JT1`.`SOFTWARE_ID`=`SOFTWARE1`.`ID`
    WHERE `SOFTWARE1`.`IS_PATCH`=1 ORDER BY `MACHINE1`.`OS_NAME`, `MACHINE1`.`NAME`, `SOFTWARE1`.`DISPLAY_NAME`. Make sure to add in the where clause "patch=1".
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