I am attempting to install a MSI with user’s context in KACE K1000.
What I understand, “Managed Installations” always run in system context, so Script is the way to go.


Running a script, “Windows Run As” set to “Logged-in user”
When the script is run, the log says:

Running as: SYSTEM

Launched Process: xxxx.cmd

And the software is installed in system context..
Why doesn’t it run in User Context as specified?

Have tried running only the msi, setting it to “All logged-in users”, Install software rather than launch a program “On Success”


Running the .cmd file from a CMD works perfectly, and the application is installed for the user. But it is impossible to install it for the user through KACE.

Kace Agent - 6.4.522

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

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  • I have this issue too. We tried installing Slack but gave up in the end and let the users do it themselves. Simpler and self managing....however we have lost control in that space so may not be a pill all can swallow...more and more apps are installing into the user space and do not require IT...
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