I am tasked with install Kace k100 on all users in our Company

My network is a mix of domain and workgroup users and some work from the field on mixed networks.

Does anyone have a script that can reach out to a www-URL and then run the agent.msi?

Thanks in adance

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  • I tried this so far msiexec.exe /qn "http://www.noname/testem/test.exe"
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You would probably need to do this similar to how the agent is set up for GPO.  You would basically rename the .msi file to include the hostname for the K1000. https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb/111244

Basically, this: ampagent-5.4.1000-x86_HOSTNAMEOFK1000.msi

Once you had that, you would need an internet accessible share to pull from.  The install at that point would just be msiexec /i ampagent-5.4.1000-x86_HOSTNAMEOFK1000.msi /qn
Answered 11/24/2015 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • The right command line to have the installation silent is the following:
    msiexec /i ampagent-6.4.180-x86.msi HOST=your.k1000.fqdn /qn
    Kind regards,
    Marco - StockTrader
    • That works equally as well. My way works better if they make it available for direct download for clients.
    • I have tried this before and it did not work. The agent installed but was not reporting back to Kace
      • Your K1000 has to be available externally and the K1000 and client both have to be able resolve each others IP and hostnames:


      • Both are visible the problem was with the text file with the Hostname in it was not created from the msi
  • Here is the method I used msiexec.exe /qn http://www.corpwebsite.com/ampagent-6.3.314-x86_kbox.oursitehere.msi
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What text file?  Are you talking about amp.conf?
Answered 11/24/2015 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • Sorry, yes the conf file was not created
    • You have some other problem then as the amp.conf file should always be created.
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