Is there something I am missing as I cannot import a profile from Configurator 2 into my KACE appliance.

I have the error

"PHP Error: Uncaught Unhandled Exception in /kbox/kboxwww/include/Profiles/Drivers/apple/ProfileModel.php on line 142: mysqli error: [1048: Column 'SCOPE' cannot be null] "

Any ideas on how to solve it?

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  • Can you post the contents of the profile you are trying to import? It might not be formatted properly.
  • Chuck

    Thanks for the comment.

    I found that using a script to push in the profile works fine.

    Its just a shame that the GUI integration isnt really as mature as for Mac management as it is for Windows.

    I doubt there is a formatting issue as we are suing Apple Configurator to make the profile then exporting from that
    • I agree about the GUI limitations and made sure to bring them up at the UserKon. The error indicates that the profile is missing a scope, however, which should have a value of system or user in most cases. I have also found that signed profiles cannot be uploaded.
  • We also didn't sign our profiles as we were just "testing" this out to see how good/bad the profile integration in Kace was.

    Let's hope Quest heard you and do something about this as i am trying to avoid having multiple appliances in my environment....the office with macbooks wants a JAMF appliance....which i am finding increasingly difficult to argue against as Kace is so limited in MacBook management (through the GUI).
    • You can upvote my suggestions on the UserVoice forum: https://kace.uservoice.com/forums/82699-sma-k1000/suggestions/10432152-mac-profiles-suggestions

      We are going with Mosyle Manager for DEP and MDM. It is much less expensive than JAMF and still does everything we need. They also have a free version that looks like it will handle most needs.
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