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Per my topic's title, I need to figure out how the latest VPN software (I obviously know how to get that) to KACE and then setup a script that will install OpenVPN as a post-install task during the imaging process.

A little about me: I know close to nothing about KACE. Or is it Quest? I don't know. The person before me knew everything but he left and didn't train me at all. I don't really know anything about KACE, imaging, or scripts (or the "jargon" that goes along with them). Regardless, here I am, in charge of it now.

I've learned a little. I've created a new image for Windows 10 LTSB (EFI), I'm getting more familiar (kinda) with the K2000, but I know almost nothing. 99% of everything I've learned I got from Google lol.

With all that said, I'm trying to figure out why the old OpenVPN install script isn't working anymore. It works for Windows 7, but not Windows 10.

Please let me know what you need from me, assuming I can be helped at all. I might be a lost cause (since I understand so little).

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  • Do you have the K1000 also, or just the K2000?

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