Tuesday, June 18, 2013   10:55:50AM

Starting conversion ...
Creating InstallShield project: C:\Packages\MSI_Package\017758-AZ-QuattroBaseAppIT-0702.2-GBL-ISMO-R1.ism
Creating InstallShield project: C:\Packages\MSI_Package\017758-AZ-QuattroBaseAppIT-0702.2-GBL-ISMO-R1.Context.ism
Reading repackager output file
Loading registry entries
Creating components for the files captured
An unknown error occurred

Conversion stopped with one or more error(s).

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  • any error number that you can share with us??
    • No error Code or Number I am getting while building ISM
  • Are u keeping the loose files folder besides the IRP
  • Nooo
  • I have run into this type of error on some packages... In my process, I capture on a VM, then copy the resulting irp files to my main machine for edit/builds. Due to this move, I sometimes have to update the path to the original exe and also the path to where the ISM will be saved. It doesn't happen on every capture but some.

    Sometimes I even have to put the files in the same path as on my VM as well... like you on my VM I use the default c:\packages... but on my edit/build box I place these files in a different locations. Every so often I have to copy to c:\packages to get it to build right.
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