Almost everybody can log in. Anyone except me and a co-worker. And I set it up.

Everyone has the same credentials (we've got a small team). We log in with our AD-credentias.

I can log in with someone elses credentials, so it's server related, and not a network or App-issue.

I use Android.

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  • I've had someone else log in on my phone. That didn't work either. Login as the admin account works fine. Android Port Issues perhaps?
  • Ah, if you're trying to use a non-admin account, K1000 GO version 1.x does not support that just yet.. just for admins right now. Could this be the issue?
  • This may sound silly but did you check to make sure for your account under Users you enabled mobile access?
  • Yes, I am an admin, and i'v got all mobile access users switched on. It doesn't work on android 4.2 and 4.3 so far. Seems to work on older ones, and ipads without problems. We can log onto those without problems, but the newer versions don't seem to work for anybody.
  • IT WORKS!!! I got an update today, and without changing anything, it now works.
  • Glad to hear that it was improved. If you run into any more trouble, feel free to contact me at patrick_mathieson@dell.com (I'm the product manager).
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