My apologies if this has already been discussed, my googling wasn't turning up any results.

Has anybody created a custom ticket rule that will reject or end a ticket process from a Child ticket?  I have found scripts that will close a parent if all child tickets are closed and this is working well.  However I need a way to reject a process from a child ticket.

For example, in our on-boarding process, a stage 1 child ticket is for HR to run a background check.  However, if the new hire doesn't pass their background check, I will have a status of Rejected.  Then, if HR selects that status, I would like a custom rule to change the status of all other Stage 1 tickets as well as the Parent to Rejected and prevent any Stage 2 tickets from being created.
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  • I don't have anything like that but you can't prevent the stage 2 tickets from being released. The whole thing is a process so you would have to then create a rule that would close all tickets associated with the process.

    A work around would be to have HR work a single ticket that is the background check. If they pass, you trigger the New Hire process, if they are rejected the single HR background check is closed. You could have a rule that sends you an email if they passed or not. This way you don't have a bunch of closed ticket in a process that were rejected.
  • Our process are a bit complicated. That was just one example. We actually have multiple points at multiple stages where the process can be rejected. So I guess I would need a rule to reject all current tickets, then another to automatically close any stage 2 tickets that are created. I'm afraid that may be a bit beyond my scripting ability but I'll give it a shot.
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