We are currently running our K2000 appliance in a virtual environment . Besides removing old images, applications, drivers, and user profiles "user states" do we need to run any linux commands to reclaim space on the actually VM? Or do we need just to SSH to the vmdk and reclaim disk space? 

Vsphere is show the VMDK all most full, were the K2000 is showing we have plenty of space. I am thinking we just need to go the SSH route to the VMDK, but I want to make sure we do not need to run any linux commands on the VM itself first.

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  • Customers don't have access to the Appliance back-end.

    If you are running 5.0, you should be able to go to
    Audit Log › Reports > SDA Status overview

    That will give your a very detailed report for the appliance disk usage.

    Also you could go to Settings › Appliance Maintenance, click Delete Unused System Images Files.

    This process will clear lots of stuff , but fyi it will take hours (3-4).
    • Also, please take into consideration

      Thick provisioning vs. Thin provisioning (VM stuff).

      And how they work.
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