Hey everyone, I need to push this out with KACE ASAP in our enterprise. It's a MSI file, can i just use a silent switch to push? when you launch the msi file there is a check box to basically say to install, if I install silently, will it check the box for me? I also recommend everyone to check this fix out.


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  • I installed it on my PC and did a inventory, but I don't see it installed to create a managed Installed with
  • Try this msiexec /I MicrosoftFixit5010.msi /qb as a scripted msi installer and that should fix deploy the msi
  • Thanks, never have used the script feature of KACE, i'll read about it. But to comment on this fix, i'm not sure now that i'm going to push this out, this fixit disables the whole word format of RTF.
  • Until Microsoft patches this the right way - I would deploy the fixit. better to not be able to open an rtf in word than to infect your pc's or network. you can still open them in notepad if necessary, which won't allow the bad code to run.
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