Hi all,

I am doing some cleanup on the categories within our KBOX. I want to make the category field mandatory and have also set this as required but since it keeps using the default value it does not give the message that the category is required. So users can easily skip this step while i want them to fill it.

The current default value is General Question. I am also not able to remove it from the configuration. See below screenshots.


Any idea on how i can solve this? I really need this field to be mandatory so that we can clearly identify the ticketflow. In this scenario the data is not accurate since a lot of users / staff may overlook it despite being labeled as required.

Thanks in advance!
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This may help if you haven't seen it but wouldn't work if they email it in since there is a default value for tickets. 


Also the trash can doesn't show up because that value is being used by other tickets. You would have to go and change every ticket that had that value, using a ticket rule, to something else and then the trash can will appear for you to delete. It is done that way so someone doesn't delete a value used by tickets accidentally 
Answered 06/01/2016 by: nshah
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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I added a new category and left it blank. This does not work 100% unfortunately.

    Scenario 1:
    When i want to log a ticket by myself as an owner it goes properly to Please Select one... If i then click on Save it displays the alert that the category needs to be filled in.

    Scenario 2:
    When i open a ticket that is logged by a normal user the category arrives default as General Question which is also a category that we use.

    So for some reason, this category is still set as default.
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I got assistance from the Dell Support team.

We managed to partially solve this by making sure that the category field was also selectable by non-owners and making it mandatory. So when user log a ticket they are indeed prompted to fill in the category and impact fields.

But, my users are also able to log tickets by sending e-mails to our Kbox. If they do that, the category is still assigned to a existing default category which we then have to correct manually. I am still checking on how to solve this. Perhaps by applying a rule that checks for this category and then changes it to NULL. 

Answered 06/03/2016 by: maartenvlasblom
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Hmm, personally I don't know of a way to accomplish this but would be interested in an answer that works!

If you're wanting to delete that Category my question would be this:

Do you have any closed tickets assigned to that Category? If so, you wouldn't be able to delete it as it can't abandon those records. Although, it'd still keep you in your current situation with another option being selected by default.

Answered 06/01/2016 by: csninja
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What we do in my instance is set the default category to "Please select a category".  This is a category we created in the queue configuration.  This is a clear indicator that the category was NOT changed.  It is also easy to select/report those tickets so that we can coach toward better ticket entry for frequent offenders.
Answered 06/01/2016 by: grayematter
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  • Already tried that. But this is simply overlooked by a lot of users. It really needs to be forced just like the other mandatory fields.

    Thanks for the answers
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