I have an xls document that I have saved as a csv file and am trying to import this into the Kace for the asset list.
we have a different license for every instance of MSO and would like to keep track of it in the Kace.
When I import the list, it appears to import correctly, the preview shows what I would like and gives no errors.
However, when I go into assets > software I get a datatables warning:

Any ideas of what would be causing this?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • I got a similar message after doing an Asset import, and I think what caused it, at least in my case, was having values that did not exist in the configuration for that field, for that Asset Type.
    For example, I had set up a Status field, which had values like "In Use" "In Closet" "Recycled" &C. After importing, I changed "In Use" to "In Use - Deployed." I did the import again, this time with corrected Statuses, and now that I don't have any Assets with the Status "In Use," I no longer get this message. (As of right now.)
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