I have the k1000 fully patched. We have 2 queues setup, one for internal users and one for external users. All was working properly until I was stuck in an email “delivery failure demon” loop it created 2200 email tickets over the weekend.  Now my email replies display the email as followes


Instead of


My second queue is not having this issue. I’ve looked over the config settings within KACE and my email program and I can’t find any differences between the two.

Any thoughts?


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  • Is it, by chance, using the alternate email setup in the queue configuration?
    • Its like it is reversed, using the email address instead of the alt address for replys
      • Are you able to open the email box for the 'alt' email address ? If it was creating 2200 tickets maybe your exchange killed that alias ?
  • It’s like it is reversed, using the email address instead of the alt address.
  • I can log into that email address just fine. I also compared the two person documents within Domino Administrator with the other queue that is functioning properly. KACE and Lotus are configured the same.
    The only think I can think of is possibility the spam filter. However the spam filter would block the message altogether.
    We use Lotus Notes SMTP config. "I know out dated I want exchange back". The way it works is we have internal mail address that is converted to external internet addresses for sending mail to the outside. This is done on our SMTP server. I have a forwarding agent configured to email the KACE email address when email are sent to Emailaddress@domain.com KACE was sending mail out to users via the Alt address. Instead of creating a mail rule for handling a loop for out of office replies and mail failures as mentioned on a different thread, I use the KACE support suggestion to set up a mail rule with exception on that email account.
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