We have already setup multiple que's for the IS department. We have the users send to a default que (which is the only one they see) then one of our staff goes in and routes the ticket to the appropriate que (behind the scenes) ie developers, tech etc. We also have it setup with labels so that only the appropriate staff can work in their que.

The problem is that we still want the user to be able to "view" their ticket once it has been routed to one of these ques. Basically we don't want them to be able to submit to "developers" que but we still want the ticket to show for them on the interface so they can check it's status. I know we can send e-mails when status changes but we want users to be able to see all of their tickets that are still open.

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They shoudl be able to see any tickets they opened from the User portal but in the Admin side of the kbox you can go to Service Desk > Users

find the user and change their default queue to all queues. They should then be able to see all the tickets regardless of queue. 


they can also use the drop down on the right select all tickets or switch to the queue they opened the ticket in. 

Answered 05/01/2013 by: nshah
Red Belt

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Hey Nshah, thank you for your response. On the admin side we don't have a problem seeing the ticket, the user portal is the problem. When a user signs into the user portal they are able to submit to only one que "Service Desk" (this is how we designed it intentionally). And after they create the ticket in this que they can see it just fine. However, if one of our techs routes their request to another que (one the user doesn't have access to submit to) then the user can no longer see their own ticket from the user portal. This is a problem for users who have multiple active tickets and want to check on the status, but can no longer see their tickets.

I think the problem is that somehow when a tech routes a ticket to another que the ticket is no longer in "Active" status even though it is still open. The reason I suspect this is because when a admin account looks at it they have to go to "View All Tickets" because it no longer shows in the active que (despite still being open and having no work done to it). If anyone knows how to get around this it would be greatly appreciated as this issue is holding up full implementation of the KACE product.


Answered 05/02/2013 by: RustyRodgers
White Belt

  • We are having the same problem, and as a result, users are starting to submit duplicate requests because they cannot see the original ticket once it's been moved to a hidden queue. Any fix or workaround on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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