Cannot find way to get software to show up in Software Library in Kace1000.  I am probably missing something really easy. It says in Admin guide that has to be in Software Inventory, but cannot find this area.  When go to Inventory and Software tab it shows all the software installed on the computers in our company, but these do not show in the Software Library.  I want to put Adobe Flash update in the Service Desk Software Library for our end users.  

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You also need to ensure that the user roles that you want to be able to access have the ability to view the software library. User lables must also have permission to each individual file. The first time around it can be a little tricky, but once you get a couple of them made it's pretty easy.

Answered 05/13/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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You first have to create a managed install for the application. Once that is done you can add it to the Service Desk, Software Library.

Answered 05/13/2013 by: chucksteel
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  • in User Downloads Detail i selected Script option and selected the software that is already configured in scripting but I dont see run or install option when i login using test account
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Under Service Desk, Software Library. If you or your end users can't see it, you have some kind of tab view permissions issue probably (Service Desk>Roles). To populate the drop down box of the software library, I use Script (Scripting tab items show up) or Install (Must associate a software item to an installer, this can be done under Inventory>Software). Make sure you enable the Software Item via checkbox, or it won't show to end users.

Answered 05/10/2013 by: SDNBTP
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  • I'm sure there are a thousand places to find this..... buttttt.... how exactly did you write you install script? (very very very green to the scripting side, and scared :( )
    • Depends on what software. If it's an MSI installer, it's as easy as using the MSI configurator or just creating a batch to call the MSI with your parameters. (msiexec /i softwaretoinstall.msi /silent /norestart is a basic example) If it's a exe, launch the setup file. You may need to extract the files from the .exe using 7zip. Either way (msi or exe), you probably want the install to be unattended. (requires no user interaction)
      • Yeah I've been so wrapped up in SQL the last month and a half that I've yet to begin tackling writing install scripts. Thank you! :)
  • Just use a test machine as your target for your scripts, and play around with the scripting. Worse that can happen is your machine craps out and you reimage it.
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