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I inherited the responsibilities of being the Kace admin a few months ago. recently, I have noticed slowness and the lack of functionality. As of right now we have an issue with:

  1. the web “admin console” pages are not loading
  2.  slowness in general.
  3. tickets not emailing upon reassignment/creation as it once did.
  4. and the system reporting that it patched a device, but hasn’t.

 However, we do not have any network issues going on at this time. It takes several refreshes to get to the kace admin home page or system page. To my knowledge we were updated to 9.0 before my predecessor left. The system seems to be getting slower and less functional by the day.  How can I Correct this?

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  • It could be that it was just mismanaged before you took over. I have found that bad ticket rules and processes can often cause some slowness so you may want to check the rules. Also verify the Check In rate set for the agents and make sure it is not something crazy low like 15 minutes or something. At one of my companies I had 2000 agents and every 4 hours was fine.

    Not sure if this is helpful on giving you an idea on how this should operate, but my last company had the K1000 where we had 2000+ computers at a dozen locations and remote. We were operating the service desk, doing software deployments, and scripting, a lot of smart labeling, etc. We also had some very robust ticket rules in place for assigning tickets to resources at a dozen different site. We had the virtual K1000 and set it up with 4 cores and 16 GB of RAM. It worked very well.

    Unfortunately no one really dove into how to manage the appliance after I left and it started going down the path you are experiencing. It was not due to the updates. I have the same setup at my new company and implemented a very similar setup and have no issues. In their case it was just whoever took over was messing up rules and settings.

    I find the appliance very versatile because of how granular you can be with the ticket rules and labeling. Web page performance is as one would expect to. I think you would probably benefit from buying a couple of hours with Quest to have them review the setup and rules. They had to do this a couple of times at my last company and each time they did it paid off for them.
    • Yes, “It could be that it was just mismanaged before you took over.” Accurate statement. I too find the appliance very helpful (when functioning). Frankly, I am a victim of compartmentalization at this point. A lot of the “best practice” tasks were not done consistently as far as I can see.
  • Hey C3J, just some basic things to check in case you haven't already. These may not be the cure, but could help point you in the right direction -

    Task Throughput : In Settings->Provisioning->Communication Settings, check the task throughput down the bottom of the page under 'Agent'. Keeping that Load Average down can make a huge difference in both UI navigation and general responsiveness of tasks. If your load average is around or over 10 I'd raise the throughput level. You can only do so once every 15m so it may take a while if you need to move several Throughput levels. A load average under 5 is fine from my experience (though this varies!).

    You an also view the Agent Command Queue and Task Status in Settings->Support->Troubleshooting Tools, these might give you a hint to any bottlenecks you may be having between server and clients.

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  • It is a physical server, although i am not sure of the specs. I will have to go to the building where it is housed. Sadly, I cant find that information in my webui.
    • If it's an 11th Generation server, that might be the cause.... but review those links as well
      • I'm doing that now, in-between reading this 800+ page manual