I am trying to run the following Mac Terminal command through a K1000 script using the Launch a program task.  It does not seem to be working.  Is this possible, or is there a better way to do it.  The command is:

launchctl stop com.elsitech.screenconnect.client

I am looking for the correct settings for Directory, File and Parameters if it is possible to do it this way, otherwise some direction on the correct way to do it would be helpful.  Thank you!


Answer Summary:
sudo launchctl unload "/Library/LaunchAgents/com.elsitech.screenconnect.client.plist" sudo launchctl load "/Library/LaunchAgents/com.elsitech.screenconnect.client.plist"
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It turns out the process I was trying to stop and start was at the user level, so to get it to run from an Online Shell Script I worked with support to come up with the following script:

Answered 06/26/2013 by: cody.suhr
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A couple of different ways to accomplish this:

1.) Define the kscript as an Online Shell Script. Then write your script like so:

2.) Attach the command as a dependency. Then run the script from the dependencies directory using $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)

Answered 06/21/2013 by: mpace
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