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I cannot get the Dell KACE K1000 agent to install. It connects to the computer but then gives an error message saying the "installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package. Exit code: 1620 Removing Service." This is the agent that came with the trial. It's a Windows 7 machine and the agent version is 5.3.53177. The error is below.


Creating service
Opening pipe to service
Sending commands
Sending login credentials
This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package.
exit code: 1620Removing service
Connecting to ADMIN$
Deleting service file
Disconnecting ADMIN$


End of remote communications.
[03/20/12 10:18:26 AM] End provisioning run.

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Under Adavanced Provisioning what is your K1000 server name? I had a similar problem to this, had all the pre-requisites set to deploy the agent and it kept falling over. Noticed that my server name was the FQDN for the server. Changed that to the server IP address and BINGO!

Worth a try? Now I have to go and ask a question myself!

Answered 04/27/2012 by: GEvans
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After you turn the UAC off, go into your network and sharing center. Click on advanced sharing settings on the left tab. Turn on network discovery and file and printer sharing. Try to push the agent now.
Answered 03/21/2012 by: lgeier
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  • it's amazing what skipping this one step will screw up
  • I know, I had a lot of issues with deploying to Windows 7 at first. XP had no issues whatsoever. Now that I know what needs to be done, its not that big of an issue now.
  • Problem can also be DNS related. In your Advanced Provision, put in the IP address of the KBOX in field 'K1000 Server Name:'. In some environments where a domain is not in use for provisioning and a DNS server is not available, the IP address must be used in place of the KBOX name to provision otherwise it will trigger this type of error message as well.
As others have mentioned, this is usually a UAC problem.

Since it's a trial version, you would actually need to use the trial support chat, found on the right hand side of this page: http://www.kace.com/support/trial-kbox/

There are a couple of FAQs on kace.com that should help if turning off UAC doesn't resolve it:

Troubleshooting K1000 Agent Provisioning for Windows 7

Provisioning the KBOX Agent to Windows Vista platforms.

Troubleshooting Agent Provisioning

Why Does the Agent Not Install On My 64-Bit Windows Operating System
Answered 03/23/2012 by: jknox
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Explorer : \\IP of the K1000\client\agent_provisioning\windows_platform\ampagent-6.3.314-x86.exe 
Run it (as whatever user you want, I think if you got to here, you might have some admin rights) and when the app opens up put the IP of the K1000 again when it prompts > Next > Next > Hellodiapers
Answered 11/19/2015 by: goodbyeyouth_hellodiapers
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I would try turning off User Account Control
Answered 03/20/2012 by: ITexodus
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  • Tried that and still no luck
Make sure your network is not set as public (network and sharing center > a bench next to the network). If still no luck try turning off your firewall on the Win 7 machine.
Answered 03/22/2012 by: PatriotPhantom
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You could allows copy the installer from the K1 share and create a group policy to install it.

You also might want to check the kace site for a new version of the agent since it fails to open.
Answered 03/20/2012 by: ohiosoundguy
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Based on the error message I would suggest calling Kace support (888-522-3638).

That being said, have you tried copying the Kace agent installer to a machine and installing manually? You can grab it from here:


Note that "kbox" in the path above will be whatever your kbox is named (or the IP address).

If the local install works and the client checks into the KBOX, there may be something else causing problems (firewall, AV, network, etc).

Answered 03/20/2012 by: jverbosk
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