I'm new to KACE and can't figure out how to deploy an application that's on a network share?  Would this be done via scripting or distribution?  I figured out how to upload a single .exe install package to KACE and deploy it via distribution, but can't figure out how to deploy applications we have that are not in a nice single file.  Ideally we would have the installs on a network share and just have KACE launch the batch file (we created) or directly call the setup.exe on our network share.   Please help!  Thanks!  

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We use distributions for all of our software deployments, and for the larger ones we usually create a .bat script that calls the installer from the network.  The managed installations run as system, and our machines are domain joined, so it uses the computer's AD account for access to the source files.  You may need to grant read access to "Domain Computers" or some other group that contains the computers that you want the install to run on.  As someone else mentioned, you get the benefit of the detection with the deployment.

Also, for the smaller ones with multiple files, if you zip them up, the K1000 will automatically unzip them and run whatever command line you need it to run.

A note on zipping the files up, if you select the folder that contains the source and zip it up, you then have to include the folder in the path to whatever command line you need to run.  Best practice is to instead open that folder, select the contents of the folder, and zip them up instead.

Also, last I checked, in the current version of the K1000 agent, there is an issue with the Delete Downloaded Files option where it will only delete the .zip file and not the extracted files.

Answered 09/20/2012 by: ncsutmf
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  • At some point there was an issue where the K1000 only support flat zip files, i.e. if there were sub-folders in the zip they wouldn't be extracted. Is that still an issue?
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You would probably want to use distribution. What I do it create a .cmd file that runs the setups. Zip all setup files along with your newly created .cmd file and upload it. From there create your managed install and call your .cmd file that you created.

For additional info go here.

K1000 KKE's: https://support.software.dell.com/k1000-systems-management-appliance/kb?k=KKE

Answered 09/14/2012 by: dugullett
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  • Thanks for the links! Currently watching them. Do you happen to know of any videos about deploying applications using scripting? like launching a batch file? Thanks!
    • How large is that app you are trying to install on the network share?

      There are multiple options you can do with scripting. A small example would be something like this.

      Verify: File Exists
      Check to see if the software is installed. Usually something that the software installs so that Kace can check against that.

      Remediation: Run batch file (If the above file does not exist then it runs this .bat)
      call \\share01\directory\your_bat.bat

      Here is a link to more videos.

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For large installations that are on a network share I have found it easier to use a script to install the application. I always prefer to use a deployment since it handles detection for the app and won't re-install it if the script runs twice, but for some installers it isn't feasible. Our K1000 is already low on disk space so uploading a 2GB installer really isn't an option sometimes.


Answered 09/17/2012 by: chucksteel
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  • Thanks, I'm trying to deploy using kbox scripting by Launching a .bat script that launches a setup.exe from a network share and it works great while the user is logged in, but when they are not the script doesn't run. It's an enbaled Online KScript, running as Local System, No run schedule and Set to Run while logged off. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • The local system account won't have access to network resources so you'll have to configure the scrip to run as a user with access to the share.
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You could also use the "Alternate Download" feature to pull the installer from a network location: http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/how-to-setup-alternate-download-location

Answered 09/16/2012 by: jknox
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  • thanks, it seems that the Alternate Download requires it to be a single package vs multiple files? Some of the installs we have on the network are extracted installers and there is usually a setup.exe along with multiple files and folders.
  • You'd just zip them up and upload it as a single file.
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