I created a label to gather the McAfee Agent 4.0.x software and that label works. I can view the software and then see the list of machines with that version installed.

How can I turn that list of machines into a label?

The point being I need to deploy scripts to correct the outdated software.

I've struggled with this for a while. When I need to gather a group of computers based on an installed software version, a custom inventory rule seems to be the only way to do it. Even then, I don't know how to structure that rule to check on the minor version instead of the major.

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Try a machine smart label (from Computer Inventory) with this criteria:

Software Titles begins with McAfee Agent

Software Version !=   whatever the highest version number is you wish to keep

Then target that label with your script to perform your uninstall/update

Answered 04/02/2014 by: rockhead44
Red Belt

  • Thank you for the reply.
    I've tried that with criteria set many ways. The problem is the second line (Software Version) is unaware of the first line regardless of the and/or operator. When I run that search, it returns 1436 computers which is almost all of our Kace mg'd machines. We're just about 1500 total. We have about 65 machines that reported not having the agent for various legitimate reasons. But I've checked the machines from the 1436 list and many have the 4.8 agent installed even though the search should not return them.

    It appears the tables in Kace are set so Software Titles is on its own and Software Version is on its own. So when it searches for
    Software Titles | begins with | McAfee Agent | AND
    Software Version | != | 4.8
    it returns almost all machines because almost all have the "McAfee Agent' installed

    If I search for Software in the software inventory section, then it will find all the software and I can scroll down to view all the computers with that version, so Kace is capable of returning that data. It just doesn't work in the Advanced Search as you would expect.

    I'd be most pleased to learn this is due to a mistake I'm making. That would probably be the easiest one to fix.
    • When I was trying something similar for Shockwave, I had to use Software Titles "begins with" Adobe Shockwave Player
      then Software Version "does not contain" followed by the latest release in order to find all versions below the latest.

      You could try that and enter each version you have in your environment separated with pipes (|) to consolidate them into a label.
      I have used that many times to place large numbers of rooms, etc. into a single label.
      • The criteria just doesn't work as it should. It doesn't tie the software version to the Software Title on the previous line so if a machine. The "Software Version" criteria only checks if any software with any title exists on the machine with that version number. If you have 10 installs of McAfee Agent and 10 other installs with SuperApp 4.8, then Kace would return 20 based on the way the criteria lines are set up.

        I set it to
        Software Titles | begins with | McAfee Agent | AND
        Software Version | != | 4.8
        Return = 1436 and after visually checking them in Kace, most DO have the McAfee Agent 4.8 install.

        I changed it to
        Software Titles | begins with | McAfee Agent | AND
        Software Version | = | 4.8
        Return = 3 and all 3 DO have 4.8

        If I go to Software Inventory and search for McAfee Agent 4.8, the return is the count of McAfee Agent 4.8 installs and when i scroll down, it has all the computers with that software. I don't understand why it's so difficult to turn that list of computers into a label.
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Are you doing an Advanced Search from the Software tab? If that gives you the desired results, just click over to Create Smart Label and it will keep the criteria. From there you can give it a name and save it as a smart label (assuming you are at version 5.5 on the K1000)

Answered 04/02/2014 by: rockhead44
Red Belt

  • I'd like it to work from the Computer tab, but that's where I get wonky results. The software tab does return an accurate count of how many installs there are for 4.0..0.x, which is great, but that's a count of the software installs across our network, not a list of each machine name with the software. If I create a label, then it's a software label, not a machine label. I need a machine label of machines with McAfee Agent 4.0.0.x installed.

    There has to be something simple that's missing or not working. With all that Kace does, I don't see how they would have left this out.

    I started creating a custom inventory rule, but I'm not sure how to check the minor version of the file. I have a rule for check the major version of IE. If there's a way to check the minor version of the McAfee Agents FrmInst.exe file, then I should be able to find all the different versions.
    Rule for major version.
    FileInfoEquals(c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe, FileMajorPart, NUMBER, 11)
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