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We are looking into switching over to the KACE helpdesk sometime in the near future. Our current HD lets a user specify a category (software, hardware, network, etc.) in one drop down and then, based on that, they can choose a subcategory. The subcategory field will show different values depending on what the category is. For example, the subcategories if software was chosen are MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, etc. whereas if hardware was chosen the subcategories are Desktop Hardware, Printers, Routers, etc. I am wondering if there is a way to get some functionality similar to this in the KACE HD?

Answer Summary:
Go into Helpdesk -> Queues -> Settings -> [your configuration] and choose Customize Fields and Layout. To create subcategories for categories, use double colons, IE: Software::MS Office Software::Adobe Acrobat Hardware::Desktop Hardware Hardware::Printers
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The KACE helpdesk can do this as well.  Go into Helpdesk -> Queues -> Settings -> [your configuration] and choose Customize Fields and Layout.  Here you can create category values.  To do your subcategories, you need to use double colons, so:

Software::MS Office

Software::Adobe Acrobat

Hardware::Desktop Hardware



Answered 05/11/2012 by: philologist
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  • Is there a way to do this using custom fields?
    I'm already using it in categories but have a need to use it on custom fields as well.
  • Not that I am aware of, unfortunately. We had the same issue with adding location, it would be nice to add North America::New York, North America::San Francisco, but the only way I know to do it is to split it into two custom fields, one for North America, South America, Europe, etc, and a second for cities.
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No phil, you understood correctly. I tried what you said and it was exaclty what I was looking for! Thanks.

Answered 05/14/2012 by: horstj
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Which helpdesk suite are you currently using?  Do you have the ability to export your HD into a spreadsheet?  If so, with some editing, you can import that into Kace.  Makes things so much simpler.





Answered 05/16/2012 by: dwilliams1307
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  • It might be ok for a single time, but all that work just to change a single helpdesk subcategory so you don't have to manually reorder everything? It would be nice if this process were streamlined rather than scripting around it.
  • We are using ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and yes we can export to CSV/XLS which is what we are planning to do to move all of our tickets over to the KACE HD. However, with only 10 or so categories and maybe 5 sub cats for each, adding them in by hand is no problem.
  • The above link goes to a generic search page now. I'm not sure when the KB redesign happened, but it seems there is a wealth of information which is now nearly impossible to search for.
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I already asked for this feature but it hasn't recieved enough want for them to add it. Every other ticket system I have ever used has it but kace does not currently do it. You can recommend it to the dev team.

Answered 05/11/2012 by: ohiosoundguy
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  • Did I miss what horstj is really looking for, or did I help you with something you didn't realize you could do? The implementation could be improved significantly, but it is there.
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