Hi all,


I'm trying to boot up a XenServer Guest VM via PXE boot to deploy our current Windows 7 image. Its a WDS server that works fine for all of our other machines but for some reason I can't get this VM to work. Screenshot attached.


It seems to find the PXE server/WDS server and gets an IP address just fine but when it tries to load the pxelinux.cfg file(?) it bombs out. At least, that's what I can tell from the console.


Any ideas? 

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  • Just FYI, I am not sure why you labeled your topic with KACE KBE and WDS...

    1- I haven't heard of XenServers working with KACE KBEs + K2000
    (No issues with VMware and Hyper-V). I think nor the K1 and K2 support Citrix Xen Servers, but contact support to confirm, I am not 100% sure.

    2-You are either using a WDS or K2000. Please confirm (Kace Boot environments are for K2000 not WDS).
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